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The Pool is set entirely within the four walls of a hidden swimming pool on the third floor. A whole life is summed up in one day; the visitors are recorded as they bare their souls. The starting point is the life cycle, from pregnant women to those already in the twilight of their lives and everything in between. The film shows the grandeur of mankind in all its small details, it shows how battles are fought in every phase of life and how eventually it is time that tells. The images this provides are both moving and revealing. The film does not focus on the lives of the visitors, but on life itself.

Mirjam Boelsums (1955) studied sociology at the University of Wageningen. She worked as researcher, wrote several screenplays for documentary and animation films and taught prose and script writing. She published short stories and in 1998 she published the novel Slangen Aaien (Stroking Snakes) that was published by Meulenhoff and in Germany by DVA.

Lony Scharenborg (1961) attended Journalism School in Utrecht. She worked as a freelance reporter for several newspapers and magazines and in 1996 she made the documentaryOngeregeld Goed (Rag Trade). In 1999 her novel Spiegelgevecht appeared, published by Nijgh & Van Ditmar.

Directors and screenplay: Mirjam Boelsums & Lony Scharenborg
Camera: Ruud Monster
Sound & Editing: Mark Glynne
Producers: Jan Heijs & Ruud Monster

43 min., 35 mm, colour, The Netherlands, 1999

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