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How does our society respond to young people who go astray? This is seldom a subject of debate, especially when it concerns young girls.

Double Punishment shows what it means for young girls to be placed outside society for several months. 'De Lindenhorst' is home to girls sent there for criminal acts as well as girls who have not broken the law. The film shows the everyday course of events and lets us hear what the girls think about being in jail.
How do the girls experience their stay in 'De Lindenhorst'? Double Punishment does not listen to experts, but calls upon the girls, who are seldom or never heard.

Is it right that young girls, let down by their parents and guardians, are locked up in an institution?

Director: Jenne Sipman
Cinematography: Bernd Wouthuysen
Editor: Marina Bodbijl
Sound: Tom d'Angremond
Producers: Jan Heijs, Ruud Monster for JURA Filmprodukties

60 min., 16mm, colour, The Netherlands, 1993

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