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After the war, it took years for German-Dutch relations to return to some kind of normality. But in the first few years of the war there were lots of engagements between German and Dutch people. The couples whose marriages held out have by now celebrated their golden wedding anniversaries. Film-maker Uta Schützendorf's parents also met in the early forties. Her mother spent most of the war years alone in Germany and her father was all over Europe until he became a prisoner of war in 1945. At home the Schützendorfs never talked much about the past. This was why Uta decided to make a film about the history of two generations of Germans and Dutch people. By alternating interviews with her parents with archive footage, the history of a love is evoked that was strong enough to survive, despite many obstacles.

Director: Uta Schützendorf
Cinematography: Ruud Monster
Editor: Jan Dop
Sound: Christine van Roon
Producers: Jan Heijs, Ruud Monster for JURA Filmprodukties

43 min., Betacam, colour, The Netherlands, 1996

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